tre ydre lag

af Louise Haugaard Jørgensen

“During a transatlantic flight from New York to London, at a cruising altitude of thirty-five thousand feet, a communications link between an Intel-based notebook computer, perched on a tray in front of the passenger in seat 3A of the Boeing 747, and a Sun workstation on the twentieth floor in a Merrill Lynch brokerage house in Sydney initiates the transfer of investment capital from a Swiss bank account to a corporate venture involving a Zhejiang textile mill. The event produces an ambiguity of scale that defies geometrical analysis. Proximity and location become ineffective measures of spatiality. Distance loses its objectivity – its edge – to pressing questions of boundary and connectivity. Geometry gives way to changing topologies as the transfer of a specific pattern of zeros and ones, represented as so many pixels on a screen, induces the flow of capital and a consequent change in the material conditions of the Zhejiang mill and surrounding community. With the click of a mouse, space, time, and matter are mutually reconfigured in this cyborg “transaction” that transgresses and reworks the boundaries between human and machine, nature and culture, and economic and discursive practices.”

Citat fra “Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Phisycs and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning” af Karen Barad

Værket "Tre Ydre Lag" er en del af ARK nummer 111 [2016:2]. Nummeret udkom i 2016 og indeholder en serie af tegninger, tekster og fotos samt denne videoudgave af ‘tre ydre lag’ under den samlede titel The COOKEREL’s TOOTH - en samling af hænder, tænder og andre ekstremiteter.

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